“Leisure Club compact a whirlwind summer of love, lust and heartache into 3.5 minutes” (PR Press

"The five members of Leisure Club may be so laid-back they’re nearly horizontal, but their music tells a different story. Punchy and upbeat, the group’s debut album builds catchy riffs out of surf-guitar licks and keyboard swirls. Breathing new life into the indie-rock genre, Leisure Club has created the perfect soundtrack for reminiscing about teenage summer holidays, filled with angst and promise in equal measure." (The Georgia Straight)

“you can’t help but want to mix a pina colada for your friends wearing a one-piece by a pool” (Betty & Kora).


"The thing is, before chatting with them, I had it in my head that they were a beachy, surfy sort of act. Maybe I came up with this conclusion because of prior reviews I read, maybe I hopped on the bandwagon too quickly. This wasn't the case at all. Leisure Club are much more complex than that. In fact, they have layers to their music and influences that range much farther, much deeper than lounging poolside enjoying a drink with your pals. Hearing them live, you see the harmony of the band with a distinct sound you can't really peg." (Paradise Playground)


"The self-titled effort opens with the aforementioned single, leading into a 10-song set of breezy jangle-pop. Surf-y riffs, keyboard runs and dreamy vocal hooks swirl together, as the band address everything from studio-produced love ("TV Shows"), space exploration ("14,000 Light Years") and the superficiality of news ("Entertainment")." (Exclaim!)